Month: February 2018

28 Feb 2018

Starting a Business IT support in Miami and Managed IT service Miami

The city of Miami may be thought of primarily as the home of sun, sea, surf, and luxurious living, but there are plenty of ‘non-glamorous’ industries that are thriving in this part of the world as well.

In fact, Miami may well be one of the better parts of the United States to start a business, whatever field you choose to go in.

The city has a thriving economy, largely due to the high numbers of tourist that visit the city each year. The spending power of both the tourists and the locals in Miami is also likely to be significantly higher than the average city, as it is an expensive place to live and the ‘glamorous’ industries that exist here to tend to attract wealthy high-rollers.

If you’re running a business that sells goods or services in the city of Miami, you could expect your profit margins to be high. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy living in one of the most fun areas of the world.

Miami as a Tech Hub

Although it’s not as famous as Silicon Valley, Miami is becoming somewhat of a tech hub. There are several innovative businesses that have been launched from this city in recent years, while many of the world’s largest tech companies have bases here.

This is good news if you’re a tech entrepreneur or have dreams of being one. Being based in a tech hotspot and being able to network with like-minded professionals has historically proven very useful for people in this field. Perhaps you have basic tech skills and you’re looking for a low-end employed job? There are lots of job in IT support in Miami, while computer repair and web design jobs are in abundance too. Alternatively, if you’re running any sort of corporate business and you’re looking for Managed IT service Miami is one of the better places to be too.

The longer that Miami maintains its reputation as a tech hub, the more tech-minded entrepreneurs will flock to this city. This is the way that other hubs of this nature grew in stature.

Perhaps the only holding back a large number of entrepreneurs from migrating to this part of the world are the living costs. The demand to live in Miami is such that rental costs are unlikely to drop anytime soon. Perhaps the business advantages of being surrounded by like-minded companies might one day justify the extra expense.  

Miami as a Destination for Career Advancement

Career advancement can be difficult in a small town where there aren’t many jobs, nor opportunities for the business you’re working for to grow. In a huge city like Miami, that simply isn’t the case. More than 450,000 people live in this part of the world, according to 2016 figures. Some 15.5 million people visited the city that year, according to local tourism figures. This city really is your oyster, when it comes to expanding your business or advancing your employed career. The only thing that holds you back is your imagination.

The best IT support in Miami and Networks service Miami for your business. Give us a call and we can explain how our IT support package is right for you.

19 Feb 2018

What to Do About Ransomware IT support in Miami

There has been a real uptick in the amount of ransomware going around the internet these days. In 2016, the FBI reported that ransomware amounted to a $1-billion source of revenue for those criminally minded people who produce it. What is ransomware, your mind wander? Ransomware is any sort of software downloaded to your network that blocks access to files or information on the network until a sum of money is paid. It is essentially digital extortion.
The threat of ransomware affects every company or site that regularly engages with, with companies that store critical data online at particular risk. This makes sense, given the criminals will go after the companies or organizations with the most volume of critical data available. However, any business operating in the digital space needs to be wary of ransomware as a daily threat because if they simply go along with conventional malware protection software it might not be enough.
Managed IT service Miami companies have devoted immense time and money to building security software to prevent ransomware from infiltrating networks. Here are two advisable methods that all managed service providers should incorporate into their work for all clients:
  1. Utilize Multi-Layered Endpoint Security
The most effective way to prevent infection is by keeping everything out in the first place. While it might sound easy, it really is nothing of the sort. The most effective way to keep software criminals out is by focusing on the end-point security components of your site management, specifically phishing. Phishing is when a suspicious email – that looks like a professional company email – is sent to another company asking for information about passwords and other private information. The cycle with phishing is usually before two days are up, so you really can’t let anything linger in the web browser by relying on a blacklist.
  1. Backup Disaster Recovery
Sometimes security is compromised. If your defenses have been breached, the best thing to do is have a fully fleshed out plan B. This should include a cloud-based backup recovery system for all the customer’s encrypted data. The best way to do so is to run a backup on the files from a day preceding the ransomware attack. A cloud-based application will make this possible at all times so that you are not limited to a single system and can set up data retrieval to run continuously. This eliminates the risk of lost or stolen data and allows the IT support team to focus more on potential incoming threats.
These are the two most important backend security measures that should be employed by an IT support in Miami company in 2018. Without the vigilant attention to all manner of communication going on between your collection of networks and others, it is only a matter of time before ransomware will hit. When it does, you need to be prepared for it by having the most effective IT solutions running on your networks.
The best IT support in Miami and Networks service Miami for your business. Give us a call and we can explain how our IT support package is right for you.
11 Feb 2018

3 Reasons Why Hiring an IT Consultant is Good for Your Business

The business landscape in Miami is defined by companies operating at the vanguard of digital technology. How do they keep pace? By engaging with an excellent team of in-house or consultant IT support. While it might not be within your company’s budget to hire an exclusive in-house team, you can still benefit from all the same optimization initiatives by investing in some of the best IT consulting Miami has to offer. A variety of packages are available today that make it possible for small and medium sized businesses to benefit from an IT consultant visit or outsourcing some IT work to help build up the technical infrastructure of the company.

Here are three reasons why your company would benefit from hiring a local, Miami-based IT consulting firm:

You Get Actionable Insight, Not A Dysfunctional Product.
A lot of IT service providers can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. A service provider is probably going to try and sell your company a package that is unnecessarily complicated and thus not tailored to the goals if your company. Such an approach is so common that business owners may be under the erroneous assumption they need to buy a fancy package to benefit from IT support. The opposite is true of a consultant, who will always look squarely at efficiency and make recommendations with that in mind. This might even mean recommending you change service providers, buy a new router, or make a transition to a CRM that is affordable and intuitive.

Consultants Save You Time.
A business with a functional IT team is one in which everyone is operating at peak performance. That means, of course, that when little troubleshooting issues come up, no one has the time to fix them. So, what happens when something goes wrong with the router or the network? No one will have the time or expertise to figure that one out. By outsourcing the work to an IT professional, you can save the time otherwise spent trying to fix it in-house.

Affordable Rates.
The fact of the matter is that smaller companies do not require an IT staff to manage their systems. What they do need is an expert on call who can come in and fix issues when they occur without charging a yearly salary to do so. The hourly-wage given to an IT consultant is vastly more economical than any other option.

These are the most important reasons why your company should take the plunge and invest in some IT support. After a consultant’s visit you will have a clear picture of what needs to be fixed in your online operations, and how soon you will be able to fix it (based on budget and resource allocation). This peace of mind is worth a small investment because not only are you investing in the everyday functionality of your business – you are staking a claim on the future efficiency of your business.

05 Feb 2018

Managed IT Service Software

A lot of new products and services get offered up in the IT industry every day. Companies come and go with various packages claiming to solve all your company’s technical issues, whether it is data storage, security encryption, server set-up and maintenance, and so much more. All manner of solutions can be offered in a package deal claiming to have the expertise you need – but how do they know what you need before consulting with you?

While some of these managed IT service software packages are too good to be true, there are some fundamental services that you can expect to receive when working with an IT support firm. These services are:

Access to the Cloud
Cloud service management means you can work remotely and share information across all channels within your overall business network. The cloud is an effect management tool because it encourages transparency and makes it easier to track task completion from start to finish. IT companies today have integrated cloud computing into their networks because it offers them a technical benefit as well: namely, the opportunity to store huge amounts of data important to the company on networks with better encryption and security than a conventional network plugged directly into the system. It also allows them to monitor most (if not all) the companies internet interactions from one central source rather than dealing with dispersed networks coming from different routers.

Identity and Access Management
The hierarchical levels of a conventional office environment are pulled away with identity services that make it easy for all employees to access the information they need; in the moment they need it. Access management dovetails nicely with the cloud network structure because it creates a structure, which all employees have access to, of signing in and submitting work in an observable space for those who give access permission.

A Customer Service Component
The ability to engage with customer support and sales via a complete IT package has become the norm. It is much easier for e-commerce clients to use a managed IT service software than to operate concurrent platforms – one for internal operations and one for external operations. Customer service support may come in the form of a chatbot app on the home page that deals with initial leads. The service extends to IT companies themselves in the form of a 24/7 phone line in case something has gone wrong with your networks overnight.

Automation of Tasks
Another component of managed IT service software in 2018 is the ability to automate tasks that would otherwise have required countless hours. Think of the potential time saved if an algorithm could do basic arithmetic and run data analysis on major analytical issues in your business. Automation can also mean co-ordinating communications across the CRM and email platforms to ensure transparency – work which otherwise would have been done manually. While menial data analysis is one service, there is also the ability to automate updates so that your platforms remains optimized going forward.

These are some of the main features of a managed IT service software that could make the significant difference for your business’ competitive advantage.