Month: March 2018

28 Mar 2018

How Certifications Impact Your IT Path for managed IT service in Miami

When it comes to getting into IT, you generally have one of two paths, and neither one is wrong. Your first option is studying a formal IT degree. This opens up your career options to some extent afterward, as certain jobs require degrees in computer science or software engineering. Others choose to learn as they go, getting smaller jobs and working on their own to hone their knowledge, whether this leads to them opening their own business or working commercially for other businesses. The benefits here are more autonomy and no student loans to deal with—always nice. The thing about these is that whichever path you choose, you’re likely not alone. One of the best ways to stand apart is with certifications. Whether you want to work in managed IT service in Miami or plan on integrating tech knowledge into another field, certifications are a good way to increase potential job interest. There are more tangible benefits as well. Compare the salaries of IT professionals with those with certifications, and you’ll see having certain certifications correlates with more earning power.

The Benefit of Certifications

For many, a certification fills the same void as a computer science degree would. Basically, for any IT position, you need knowledge of certain things, and having the necessary credentials is a base guarantee to an employer that you have that necessary knowledge. In addition, going through the study and certification process may serve as a solid way to help you bone up on base concepts that you will need going into the future. On the other side of the coin, if you want to specialize more, these can help you in that area as well. There is no such thing as a bad certification—what you want is one that will be worth your time and help your career goals in a meaningful way.

What Certifications Are Useful Now

So, what certifications should you be looking at? There are many out there, but here are some of the most common that people undertake every year to improve their resumes and themselves.

CompTIA A+ Technician: This of this as a sort of starter-level certification, a beginning point for your IT career. A certified A+ technician is qualified to handle PCs, printers, laptops, mobile devices, and operating systems. Chances are that if you work in an office somewhere, your IT person has this certification or something similar. To qualify, you need to pass a multiple-choice and performance-based exam.

Network +: This is designed specifically for managing wireless networks.  Many help desk technicians or IT specialists have this certification. One has to pass an exam on wired/wireless devices and technology.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): This particular certification is recognized worldwide as showcasing the competence to handle security for an organization. You need to showcase the technical and managerial skills to handle security programs.

This is only scratching the surface. Look at the websites of industry professionals and organizations to see what current certifications are out there. As tech and trend changes, some become obsolete, so you want to make sure you are investing your time wisely.

19 Mar 2018

How to Grow Your Miami Business Quickly with Managed IT Services in Miami

A great thing about running a business in a huge global city like Miami is that you have the ability to scale your business extremely quickly.

It’s not like small towns, where the limited amount of people is likely to put a cap on sales. The limited amount of commercial property is likely put the brakes on any dreams of lightning-fast expansion. That’s provided that it makes business sense to open two locations in a tiny town (often it doesn’t). In this case, you’d need to expand outside of the small town, which could present logistical problems.

On the other hand in a populous area like Miami, it usually makes perfect sense to open multiple locations in the same city. What’s more, it much easier to do this very quickly.

The one major hurdle preventing you from scaling at speed might be the amount of capital, time, and effort you need to put into recruiting new staff. However, there are way around that too.


There are loads of benefits to outsourcing, not least it provides you the opportunity to scale your business very quickly.

With outsourcing, you don’t need to place job ads, interview candidates, train the successful employee or deal with any of their HR issues like sick pay or annual leave. Instead, you just choose the best company for the job, sign the contract, sit back, and relax. In fact, there are many agencies with expertise in certain types of role. These will probably be able to perform the non-crucial tasks in your company much better than the average recruit. A strong brief of your expectations and regular communication with your client will help to ensure that this remains the case.

In a big city like Miami, it’s likely there will be loads of decent options right on your doorstep too. If you’re looking for a company to provide a top-notch managed IT service, Miami has plenty. You want someone to look after your offices, there’s tons of highly-rated facilities management agencies in the city. The list goes on…

Another benefit is that you can typically rid yourself of their services far easier than you can do with permanent employees. If you’ve decided you don’t want the best managed IT services Miami has to offer anymore? Simply cancel the contract. There are less employment laws preventing you from doing that without any headaches. Ideal for a small business that doesn’t have the capital to weather rough storms.

There are definite long-term advantages to hiring new employees. These are easier to man-manage and monitor. You can give them a stronger idea of your company culture and up-skill them so they can eventually take on a more important role. In the positions that are absolutely to the success of your business, it’s advisable to do this.

However, in areas where you need new faces in a hurry, there’s arguably no better business strategy than outsourcing.

12 Mar 2018

The Brain and Stereotyping – Managed IT Services in Miami

It’s completely natural for our brains to create stereotypes. Our brains are programmed to make instant decisions and this proves to be helpful in many cases. Stereotypes are essentially shortcuts that our brains make – and there is nothing wrong with this. In fact, we hold onto most stereotypes unconsciously.

It’s when we hold onto these stereotypes for longer than we need to and they become biases that they could form a problem.

Professional stereotypes and discrimination

We place many laws on employers to prevent them from discriminating against people during the recruitment process.

For example, in most developed companies it is illegal to discriminate against a candidate because of their gender or their race. But is it really possible to prevent ourselves from unconsciously doing this once we’re aware of these stereotypes.

Let’s take an example of a recruiter hiring for a job in Managed IT Services in Miami. The male recruiter is well aware that of the stereotype that women aren’t as capable in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) positions. Once that is embedded inside him, can he really treat the candidate truly equally? That’s not to say that he’ll discriminate negatively against the candidate. Perhaps in an effort to disprove his prejudice, he gives the female candidate an easier ride. It could be argued that, whatever way he goes, there’s a form of discrimination that can’t be helped.

Social stereotypes and discrimination

It could argued that social stereotypes are less of a big deal, unless they’re spiteful or disrespectful. This could be labelled xenophobia or racism, rather than stereotyping, and there’s not much of an argument against this being a terrible thing that needs to be rid from society.

But, what about supposedly ‘friendly’ or ‘amusing’ social stereotypes? The fact that an IT worker is shy and introverted or that a long blonde-haired surfer from Miami is always relaxed. Are these stereotypes more harmless? Perhaps, in the sense that they are less likely to offend people. But there’s an argument that these stereotypes can limit people from reaching their true potential if people start to believe them about themselves.

What about the belief that people living in trailer parks are lazy and uneducated? In a professional setting, it’s probably illegal to stereotype this way in a job interview. But it could be just as harmful in a social setting, especially if people believe this about themselves.

As Henry Ford famous said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” A negative self-stereotype will lead to more people thinking they can’t, limiting their potential to do great things in this life.

The best way to ignore self-stereotypes is to be aware of them – then do everything you can to prove them wrong. It’s a great strategy for dealing with stereotypes of other people too.

What happens when you meet someone who works in IT support in Miami. Are they geeky or are they lazy? Probably you’ll make your own mind up when you meet them…Perhaps we should do this whenever we meet anyone.

05 Mar 2018

The Future of Jobs in IT find more about Managed IT services Miami and IT consulting in Miami

Back in the early 90s, the idea that computerization would begin to affect people’s jobs stopped becoming fantasy and started to become a real problem that people would have to think about.

It affected low-paid manual workers first, with those employed to work on production lines being the first to suffer. It turned out robots were more productive at tasks such as sticking labels or lids on packaging.

Soon enough, even more advanced jobs began to be threatened. We’re starting to see self-checkouts replace retail staff, for example.

And it’s only going to get worse. There’s even talk of ‘smart contract’ technology being utilized in the blockchain eventually replacing lawyers. Whether or not you believe a world without lawyers is a wonderful thing, this illustrates the growing threat of computerization rather well. Being a lawyer has been judged by society as one of the top prestigious job after all.

So, what about jobs in IT?

On first glance, jobs in IT may be one of the safest from the threat of computerization. They’re the ones programming and correcting the computers, after all. But is that the case? It could actually be argued that IT workers are actually among the most threatened of their jobs being made redundant – but also that they are in the best position to prevent this from happening.

The key for these individuals is to keep up-to-date with new trends. They have to learn skills, while mastering new hardware and software in order to remain relevant. Just as an IT expert who has mastered the first edition of the Apple Mac wouldn’t be much use today, an individual who knew everything there was to know about today’s equipment wouldn’t be worth hiring in ten years’ time – unless they updated their skills.

There are few positions where your knowledge has remain up-to-date as much as IT expert. Interestingly, ‘lawyer’ is one of the few jobs where this is required.

The growth of IT jobs

Thankfully, demand for IT jobs continues to grow across the world. As we become increasingly reliant on technology, we became increasingly in need of people who can explain how it works – and fix it when things go wrong. It’s resulted in parts of the world that you never would have imagined becoming ‘tech hubs’. If you’re after companies that provide managed IT services, Miami could now be a great place to look. Barcelona is forming its own base of tech-friendly startups as well. With these blazing hot party cities turning into tech hubs, the stereotype of IT workers not liking to go outside and socialize is slowly melting.

How to survive a career in IT

The road has been laid out. If you want a long and prestigious career in IT, the world has essentially become your oyster. You could chase a career in tech support or IT consulting in Miami. In order to benefit from this globalization fully, you’ll need to keep up to date with the latest trends. Many professionals would agree that this is a fair trade.