Month: August 2022

23 Aug 2022
tplink er605

Dual WAN?

Do I really need to have a Dual WAN setup? First of all, what does WAN mean? WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It means YOUR public facing internet/your gateway/your route to the public internet. It is not your internal network. that is known as your LAN, your local area network. So, why do I need dual WAN? IF internet is important to your business, you might be a good candidate for Dual WAN. If you are like most businesses now, your business depends on its internet. Not only do you depend on your internet but you also depend on how fast and how reliable it is too! Your internet is your connection to the cloud and your business depends on this connection being on at all times but what happens if your internet service is unavailable for any reason? What do you do as a business owner? Do you send your employees home for the day? Think about the loss that this situation causes you! For some business owners, being without internet is more costly than the price of having a dual WAN. If your primary internet service is unavailable for any reason, the tp-link ER605 Gigabit VPN Router will notice it before you or your employees do and it will automatically switch you over to the secondary internet service and your business can continue producing without skipping a beat! That is valuable! Once your primary internet connection is back on line and ready for use, this device will automatically switch you back over to the primary connection and you were continuously connected to the internet the whole time. That is priceless! Your employees stayed in the office and were able to keep working and everyone is happy! Fantastic! This device is not just a one trick pony. It has many more features you would expect from a router. If you are paying for two internet circuits, how about using them both at the same time and really get your money’s worth! That is called load balancing and yes, that is also available. I have installed this tp-link ER605 a few times already for multiple customers and they are happy that it does the job and so am I! It also has the VPN feature too. IF you have multiple offices and you wish to keep them both connected because you have a local active directory or if you have other resources in the office that you want to share, then a VPN is right for you too. Installing these devices is a breeze (for me). If you have established that you need one of these installed, get in contact with us! We provide these installations as part of our agreement with the IT Support Service Agreement. Remember, downtime will cost you more than uptime. Downtime is expensive and uptime is priceless. Stay in the game with tp-link ER605 Gigabit VPN Router! It is also very budget friendly. My largest customers have it installed. Do you?