Month: November 2022

08 Nov 2022

I ran out of hard drive space!

Has this ever happened to you? You are working on your computer for years when suddenly that warning pops up and you notice that you are low on hard drive space. You feel like you are able to solve this problem easily by just deleting old files and doing some minor clean up but you keep on deleting and the space is still critically low! You ignore it for now but then days later you get another warning and you take some time to delete a few more things but in the end it barely makes a difference. Eventually, your computer really does run out of space and then on top of that, it starts acting very weird. When computers run out of space, all kinds of strange behaviors occur. We’ve been called in to help in these situations before. We love to get those problems solved. If you find yourself in this situation, call it in before the computer runs out of space. Plan ahead. Purchase the equipment you need and get this task completed ahead of time so that you are able to get back to work instead of scrambling. Here is a photo of us taking care of this annoying problem. Acronis is a tool that we have used many times. They have very powerful tools for hard drive management. With an IT Support Service Agreement, we can schedule these tasks and take care of them for you while you’re away from your computer. When you get back, you’re able to use your computer just like you did before. Crisis averted!