24 Jul 2023

Are Your Business Tools Ticking Time Bombs For A Cyber-Attack?

In June a popular file-sharing software amongst big-name companies likes Shell, Siemens Energy, Sony, several large law firms, a number of US federal agencies such as the Department of Health and more was hacked by Russia-linked cybercrime group Cl0p. Security Magazine reported that, to date, there are 138 known companies impacted by the breach, resulting in the personal information of more than 15 million people being compromised. More are expected to emerge as the investigation continues.

If you’re reading that list of company names thinking, “I’m just a small business compared to these big guys – that won’t happen to me,” we’ve got news for you. Many of these companies have cyber security budgets in the millions, and it still happened to them, not because they were ignoring the importance of cyber security, but because of a piece of software they use to run their business.

Progress Software’s MOVEit, ironically advertised as a tool you can use to “securely share files across the enterprise and globally,” “reduce the risk of data loss” and “assure regulatory compliance,” was exploited by a tactic called a zero-day attack. This occurs when there is a flaw in the application that creates a gap in security and has no available patch or defense because the software maker doesn’t know it exists. Cybercriminals quickly release malware to exploit the vulnerability before the software maker can patch it, essentially giving them “zero days” to respond.

These attacks are dangerous because they are difficult to prevent and can quickly and easily ruin smaller businesses.

Depending on the organization’s motives, the stolen data can be deleted, held for ransom or sold on the dark web. Or, if you are lucky enough to recover your data, you might still end up paying out thousands or more in fines and lawsuits, losing money from downtime and coming out on the other end with a damaged reputation that causes clients to leave anyway. In MOVEit’s case, the cybercrime agency Cl0p has claimed on their website that their motivation is purely financial and has allegedly deleted data obtained from government agencies as they were not the intended targets.

What does this mean for small businesses?

For starters, it underlines the harsh reality that cyber security isn’t just the concern of big businesses and government agencies. In fact, small businesses can be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, as they often dedicate fewer resources to protection.

It also means that even if your organization is secure, the third-party vendors you work with and the tools you choose to use in your business still pose potential risks. Most of MOVEit’s customers that were affected likely had strong cyber security measures in place. Even though it was no direct fault of their own, at the end of the day, those companies still must go back to their clients, disclose what happened and take the verbal, legal and financial beating that comes with a data breach.

The MOVEit hack serves as a grim reminder of the critical importance of cyber security for businesses of all sizes. In the face of an increasingly sophisticated and fast-moving cyberthreat landscape, businesses cannot afford to ignore these risks. Cyber security must be an ongoing effort, involving regular assessments, updates, monitoring, training and more. As this terrible incident shows, a single vulnerability can lead to a catastrophic breach with severe implications for the business and its customers.

In the digital age, cyber security isn’t just a technical issue – it’s a business imperative.

If you have ANY concerns about your own business or simply want to have a second set of eyes examine your network for vulnerabilities, we offer a FREE Cyber Security Risk Assessment. CLICK HERE to schedule a quick consultation to discuss your current situation and get an assessment on the schedule.

19 Jul 2023

The One Lesson Business Owners Miss When Training Employees That Can Cost Them Thousands!

Training employees on anything can be an expensive process. You incur the cost of investing in necessary materials plus the time it takes away from your employees doing revenue-generating activities. But what’s worse when it comes to cyber security training is the expense you’ll incur if that training fails.

Recent studies show that human error plays a role in a shocking 90% of data breach cases! Smart business owners are taking a proactive approach and training their employees on cyber security do’s and don’ts. While we applaud their efforts and encourage all owners to take this step, research suggests their efforts aren’t paying off. Despite their willingness to train employees, the number of data breaches continues to increase.

What gives? We’ll be first to say it – cyber security training can be boring. And what happens during boring presentations? People aren’t engaged, so they tune out and miss the critical information needed to keep your company secure. After the presentation, they sign off, saying they have learned the lessons, but have they really or are they a ticking time bomb in your organization?

The latter is likely true. If you want the information to stick, you must take some additional steps – and the most important is putting them to the test!

According to Education World, interactive activities are six times more effective when learning and remembering material than simply listening to a lesson. You can incorporate this tactic by putting employees to the test to find out whether or not they can apply what they learned.

One of the best ways to do this is to use phishing simulations. Here’s how the process works:

  1. A third party creates a realistic but fake phishing e-mail that shows identifiable signs discussed in the training. An example could be creating an e-mail that is similar to the CEO’s requesting private information, an outside company sending a bad link, etc. You can customize it to look like something relevant that your employees could potentially see and fall for.

  2. The employees are then put to the test. You can choose which employees will receive what links and what dates the e-mails will be sent.

    Will they be able to identify the threats or will they fall for the scams?

  3. The results are collected and shared with you to develop more comprehensive training programs and help you identify which employees are your biggest risks so you can provide specific coaching.

Another great way to use phishing simulations is to send out the tests before the training. When employees see that people in the company are making mistakes, they are more likely to pay attention to the lesson.

It’s not enough to just teach the information! It must be learned and implemented every day to be effective and keep your organization secure.

If you’re looking for effective cyber security awareness training for your employees, our team has a comprehensive program that will engage, teach and test your employees so you can have peace of mind knowing they are working to keep your company safe. CLICK HERE to get in touch with our team and get started on your cyber security training session today.

08 Nov 2022

I ran out of hard drive space!

Has this ever happened to you? You are working on your computer for years when suddenly that warning pops up and you notice that you are low on hard drive space. You feel like you are able to solve this problem easily by just deleting old files and doing some minor clean up but you keep on deleting and the space is still critically low! You ignore it for now but then days later you get another warning and you take some time to delete a few more things but in the end it barely makes a difference. Eventually, your computer really does run out of space and then on top of that, it starts acting very weird. When computers run out of space, all kinds of strange behaviors occur. We’ve been called in to help in these situations before. We love to get those problems solved. If you find yourself in this situation, call it in before the computer runs out of space. Plan ahead. Purchase the equipment you need and get this task completed ahead of time so that you are able to get back to work instead of scrambling. Here is a photo of us taking care of this annoying problem. Acronis is a tool that we have used many times. They have very powerful tools for hard drive management. With an IT Support Service Agreement, we can schedule these tasks and take care of them for you while you’re away from your computer. When you get back, you’re able to use your computer just like you did before. Crisis averted!


23 Aug 2022

Dual WAN?

Do I really need to have a Dual WAN setup? First of all, what does WAN mean? WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It means YOUR public facing internet/your gateway/your route to the public internet. It is not your internal network. that is known as your LAN, your local area network. So, why do I need dual WAN? IF internet is important to your business, you might be a good candidate for Dual WAN. If you are like most businesses now, your business depends on its internet. Not only do you depend on your internet but you also depend on how fast and how reliable it is too! Your internet is your connection to the cloud and your business depends on this connection being on at all times but what happens if your internet service is unavailable for any reason? What do you do as a business owner? Do you send your employees home for the day? Think about the loss that this situation causes you! For some business owners, being without internet is more costly than the price of having a dual WAN. If your primary internet service is unavailable for any reason, the tp-link ER605 Gigabit VPN Router will notice it before you or your employees do and it will automatically switch you over to the secondary internet service and your business can continue producing without skipping a beat! That is valuable! Once your primary internet connection is back on line and ready for use, this device will automatically switch you back over to the primary connection and you were continuously connected to the internet the whole time. That is priceless! Your employees stayed in the office and were able to keep working and everyone is happy! Fantastic! This device is not just a one trick pony. It has many more features you would expect from a router. If you are paying for two internet circuits, how about using them both at the same time and really get your money’s worth! That is called load balancing and yes, that is also available. I have installed this tp-link ER605 a few times already for multiple customers and they are happy that it does the job and so am I! It also has the VPN feature too. IF you have multiple offices and you wish to keep them both connected because you have a local active directory or if you have other resources in the office that you want to share, then a VPN is right for you too. Installing these devices is a breeze (for me). If you have established that you need one of these installed, get in contact with us! We provide these installations as part of our agreement with the IT Support Service Agreement. Remember, downtime will cost you more than uptime. Downtime is expensive and uptime is priceless. Stay in the game with tp-link ER605 Gigabit VPN Router! It is also very budget friendly. My largest customers have it installed. Do you?

05 Aug 2021

SSD! The game changer in computer performance!

If your computer does not have a solid state drive, then your computer is not working as fast as it could. Imagine having a fast car but your tires are low on air. That’s what it feels like to work on a computer without a solid state drive (SSD). Increase your productivity by upgrading to SSD. Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest link and if your hard drive is worn out, your computer is holding you back. Upgrade installations like this are included in our IT Support Service Agreement with iTMIAMI.COM, providing IT Support for your business.

05 Aug 2021

Fresh Install

Nothing beats new, right? When things are brand new, they work really well. Here we have a customer’s computer getting a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro complimented by a solid state drive (SSD) which really improves the performance of your computer! Every computer should have solid state drives. If you ever noticed that your computer is not performing like it used to, it is probably because of your standard hard disk drive (HDD). Those drives eventually wear out and you will notice a lag on the computer. Computer lag is so annoying. You’re trying to work and your computer simply won’t let you. You’re frustrated but you have all of your important data in this computer so you do not want to get a new one? With iTMIAMI.COM, you can have all of that data transferred over easily. Transfer the date over to a new computer or you can upgrade your drive to a high performance drive (SSD) as previously mentioned and get back to work as if your computer was new. This service is included in our IT Support Service Agreement. Don’t let your computers slow you down. Get the upgrades and increase your productivity today!

04 Aug 2021

Must go faster!

Do not get left behind! If your internal network is running on anything less than a gigabyte speed, you are not up to date and your own productivity is suffering. Get the latest and the greatest in speed by upgrading your systems to gigabyte speeds. You are only as strong as your weakest link and if you are paying for high speed internet but your own internal speeds are slow, you’re wasting time and money. Get with iTMIAMI.COM to check your network. They can guide you on what to do with their IT Support in Miami and their IT Support service agreements include the installation of these upgrades. Proceed. Produce. Profit. iTMIAMI.COM

28 Mar 2019

Software Installation Miami

IT MIAMI Corporation is a well-experienced managed Service Provider of IT Support situated in Miami, FL. Our goal is to lend a handto our accounts and support of their technology.We are experts at structure; scalable, strong and stable Windows computing environments with a foremost objective of preventing issues from taking place.

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As a Miami Tech Pros, we want to help you come to a decision to what software belongs on your computer. If your computer seems sluggish, it may be because you have not yet contacted us. We will troubleshoot the issue and make sure that it runs as effortlessly as it should.

1. Helpdesk support-

No need to worry, helpdesk service is here. All of your employees will have admission to our helpdesk service with our IT Support Service Agreement. Quick questions or difficult situations; we are there to help. Users may need help with their computers at times and they have us here for support.

2.Responsive service-

Computer issues happen. It is normal. Are you going to sit and wait for your IT technician to show up or even worse; fill out an annoying support ticket? With our IT Support services, you get in contact with someone right away with our lightning fast remote IT support repair service.

It could be that your company is using outdated software, outdated Operating Systems and/or non-productive processes to get the work done. You may want to update your working atmosphere to gain more efficiency and increase security. You may also want to have a map for your businessin case something happens. A business continuity plan should be discussed. We look forward to hearing about where your industry is and where you want it to be. Also, we will work to get your computing atmosphere in optimal shape and ready for you when you need it. Your industry is our business. Your goals are our goals. We work on the preventive model instead of the break/fix model like any other IT Support company. We are proactively preventing issues from happening in your business instead of standing around waiting for issues to take place and then fix them. Preventing problems ahead of time will certainly help your business.

28 Mar 2019

Computer Support Miami

We are the best in the region of Miami for IT outsourcing and cloud consulting experts. Since 2015, we have been helping business leaders get the most out of their investments, on principle and in the cloud. Through our well urbanized and proven methodologies, we help you get the most out of business and services you are providing to your community with a competitive edge.

Our services are packaged into an agreement based on your requirements and budget. From ordinary network support to daily operations, take advantage of our cloud services and disaster recovery solutions as well. All of our plans are modified to your specific needs. We are only as good as our technicians. Lucky for you, our staff is the best when it comes to support. They are both knowledgeable and friendly. They will survey your system and discuss with you the available options.

1. Desktop support-

If your workers are wasting company time trying to get their computers to work, your business is missing out on hours of efficiency which adds up quickly. Our desktop support will get your employees back on track. Ask about our IT Support Service Agreement.

2. Network Design-

Your printers, Wi-Fi, computers, servers and remote offices are all part of your network. A poorly created network will leave poor results from an important asset in your company; your computers! Our strong design set-up will make it an easy flow.

3. Security and Design-

Everyone needs antivirus & data backups. If you’re caught without these, you are in trouble. Get with us and stay protected.

We are a manages service provider in Miami. Trust in an IT Support Company that transports all the power and capabilities of your own IT Department, without the hassle and operating cost of managing it yourself. Simply put, you will get more time to focus on mounting and building your business.

15 Mar 2019

Hire the best IT support services in Miami

Nowadays, most of the businesses are going online due an increase of the internet access across the world. Moreover, unlike old times, computers have replaced the old machines in most of the industries, especially the IT sector, where it is the backbone of the entire industry. If you are looking to start an IT firm or you already have an IT business, then you would need to make sure that your computers work properly. Breakdown of the computers can mean great losses as your employees will not be able to do any work without it.

Who is an IT technician?

An IT technician is a specialist who solves computer problems and makes sure that the machines in your business are up to par. Moreover, they also advise updates to your existing hardware so that they can work with the latest software and applications. Hiring a full time IT technician can be very expensive, especially if you are a small firm. On the other hand, not having an IT technician can mean wasting time for IT support to come to solve the problem, wasting the time of your employees and your money. If you do not want to experience either of these situations, then the best solution would be to outsource IT technician from an IT Support Miami firm like IT Miami.

What is IT Miami?

As discussed above, IT Miami is an IT support outsourcing company that provides the clients with fast support IT services. They help build IT companies build a stable and scalable computing environment that does not waver easily. If you are facing computer problems, they will inspect your company’s computers and recommend hardware updates if the machines are too old by current standards and the software used on it. This also helps them recognize the problems and troubleshooting it fast and efficiently. Moreover, the services of IT support Miami are inexpensive, so you will save a lot of money on your IT support spending every year, which can be utilized elsewhere.