29 May 2018

What IT Career Should You Choose? Is IT consulting in Miami a perfect choice for you?

Most people have a narrow view of what the IT field entails, thinking that it starts and ends with basic support jobs like IT consulting in Miami. In reality, though, when you commit to the IT field, you have a wide variety of different options. From networks service in Miami to working in software design, the IT umbrella has plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the standouts.
Computer Support

This is probably the base option you think of when it comes to working in IT. Basically, people in this job work to keep the machines of computer users up and running. Just about any company or institute either has a job specifically for this purpose or a company they reach out to for help with various issues. In addition, those who go to higher levels of education or experience may go on to become tech support specialists, who provide guidance and support to other computer support professionals. Part of the reason why this is so popular is that unlike other IT jobs, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree. National statistics show that the median pay for computer user support specialists was $50,210. In addition, if you are looking for side work in IT, this is probably the way to go.

Computer Programming
If you go this route, you’re going to want to start preparing for college, making sure you learn one or more relevant programming languages during your education. This is because programmers write the code that powers these programs, from games to apps to databases. Generally, a programmer works alongside software engineers and business analysts to put together a program for a pre-designed purpose. Compared to something like a network administrator, this career path is a bit more well-suited for introverts than other ones. The median pay for computer systems analysts in 2017 was $88,270.

Network Administrators
Speaking of which, network administrators are in charge of the network that a company uses. Their daily duties, on top of fielding questions and tackling issues, they handle adding and deleting users as appropriate. At higher levels, network administrators may also design and implement networks of their own. The median pay as of 2017 was $81,100, according to national statistics. In addition to a degree, you may need to pursue additional certifications in order to qualify for jobs in this field. However, it makes sense. When you consider how important networks are for the daily operation of many companies, it’s little surprise that you want the best people in these positions.

Computer Systems Analysts
If you’re a person who’s interested in numbers, this may be the job for you. Analysts take a look at existing systems as well as the companies that use them. Their insight helps companies decide where they need to go for system upgrades, development, as well as other ways to overall improve their efficiency. The median pay for a computer systems analyst in 2017 was $88,270. Many companies seek out consultants for their analytical needs.

22 May 2018

Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired in IT with Managed IT Service in Miami

IT is a wide spectrum of opportunity, from running a managed IT service in Miami to serving as a consultant/analyst to a variety of different countries. However, as many people will tell you when you’re applying for work, you don’t want to paint with too large a brush. A good hiring manager can detect a weak, templated resume or cover letter from miles away—the last thing you want. With all the earning potential in IT, you don’t want to let a golden opportunity slip through your fingers. Here are some ways you can stack the deck in your favor.

Ideally, you’re making the right moves before you ever get to the job application process but making sure you are prepared in terms of education. Aside from the most basic IT support in Miami jobs, the bulk of IT careers are going to require a bachelor’s degree, and while a basic computer science degree is a good start, you want to make sure that your focuses match your career. For example, a software designer or engineer will need to specialize in learning several programming languages to increase their chances of getting hired. However, someone looking to become a systems administrator may want to take a closer look at how to manage the technology rather than create it.

In addition, education goes beyond the classroom. When you’re looking at internships, much of the same mindset comes with choosing your initial degree. Make sure that your internship will teach you valuable skills when it comes to your future career of choice, or has a company name that will impress people for entry-level jobs.

Of course, you may need to look beyond an internship to round out your education. This means certifications, and if you listen to IT pros, getting relevant certifications are key to increasing your earning power. The trick, along with choosing the right schools and organizations for your certification, is also to always stay on top of the newest tech and platforms. You don’t want to waste your money and time learning something outdated. These also make for great chances to network, as you will be surrounded by people who are in IT and also highly motivated to improve.

Where all these things come together is putting together the perfect IT resume. When you’re trying to organize all the relevant skills you’ve amassed from school and beyond, generally, a basic list will do. However, be sure that you read the job listing when creating said list. Highlight and showcase things that match what they are looking for. Technical summaries are good for this is because many companies use tools that search for specific keywords before even getting into a person’s hands.

Another thing that you want to make sure you do when you talk about your past experience in an IT resume is making sure that you don’t neglect your accomplishments. A hiring manager wants to see how you’ve benefitted a company, and the easier it is for you to provide proof, the better.

16 May 2018
Managed IT Service in Miami

Find How Managed IT Service Miami helps to Choose a Proper Consultant

When you’re working in a small business, from providing marketing services to other business or offering IT support in Miami, you always try to look for ways to save money however you can. This instinct is essential in a lot of different ways, but can also work against you when it comes to getting the added help you need. A major example of this is bringing on help from skilled consultants. These can help you patch together major holes in the skillset your staff has without taking on the full financial commitment of a new employee. Of course, this only works if you choose the right type of consultants. Here’s how to make that happen.

  1. Check their experience: The number reason that you use a consultant is for the skills they offer, but when it comes to the selection process, you may want to weigh experience more heavily than you do with a typical employee. A major reason for this is a time investment. With a long-term employee, it may make sense to start with someone with less experience and help them develop. But for say, IT consulting in Miami, you may need someone who can contribute in a major way, right away. They may not have worked for your company before, but see if they have experience in the same field or in a company with similar structure to you. The less time you spend training, the more you get from your investment.
  2. Utilize your resources: If this is the first time that you’re looking for a consultant, like one who specializes in managed IT service Miami, it can be a bit of a daunting task. The easiest way to cut through all your options is to rely on your network for recommended consultants. Failing this, industry associations are also a good place to get unbiased opinions on what consultants are a good match and why. If you have a shortlist of consultants, getting references can also help in this area.
  3. Make sure they can communicate: A consultant’s ultimate role is to help you, but in order to actually deliver said help, they need to be able to communicate it effectively, whether they primarily do so in person, in writing, or both. As an added note, communication is a two-way street. You also want someone who can listen to suggestions, guidance, and tips that you provide in order to properly do their job. This also helps build up trust, which is key, as consultants are often privy to many different private facets of your business.
  4. Make sure they are reliable: This is a bit of a difficult trait to measure, but is part of what makes everything else on this list work. To explain, a good networks service consultant in Miami is a rock in unsteady waters, someone you should be able to rely on either for advice or to take on work that is too much for your staff. When you are going through references and interviews, ask how your potential consultant demonstrated this, so they can do the best job for your business.


09 May 2018

Managed IT Service in Miami The Value of Consultants For Your Business

For any business, a consultant fills a valuable role as a source of unbiased counsel and a professional with the ability to fill in where your staff may be lacking. But when we get into specific jobs, like running a managed IT service in Miami, they have more to offer. There are several different reasons that your business will be better off for bringing on one of these professionals: from the practical to the more esoteric.

Make Your Company Better
For starters, when it comes to tech-based fields, it is easier than ever for what was once current to suddenly become outdated. This applies to the technology itself, but also to different approaches and styles of leadership. As a result, if a business owner is too busy putting their nose to the grindstone to look up and see how the industry around them is changing, they may be working hard at something that is no longer useful. Bringing on IT consulting in Miami is a way to protect from being caught in this type of scenario, by having a professional who’s tuned in to the outside world and trends as they change.

Even if it’s not an issue of staying current, consultants are used in the IT world because, in many ways, this world is one of specialization. Many people in upper management of larger companies may not realize that an IT professional in Miami with a background in desktop management or IT support isn’t necessarily ready to take on running a data center. IT consultants make sure that you’re not trying to plug in square pegs in round holes, so to speak.

Address A Problem
While larger companies may have IT consultants on retainers to try and avoid situations like the type we mentioned before, there are also situations where you may need them for more practical concerns, like a single project that the company is behind on or to cover things while an employee is on a leave of absence. This is extremely useful, especially at the smaller business level. A lot of times, you may not have the funds to bring on a full-time IT professional, but don’t necessarily need one either. A consultant meets that happy middle area, while also being able to get started right away rather than needing a lot of training or preparation.

In some cases, you may need a consultant not necessarily for a task itself, but managing several ones. Project management and communication are something that many networks service consultants in Miami are inherently skilled at, which makes sense, considering that they often work with a variety of different clients and need to be able to quickly switch modes to fit each job. This same expertise can be applied to managing various projects.

Consultants are a valuable resource, but like any other resource, what you invest determines your return. The most skilled consultants demand high salaries and wages, but they are deserved—bringing one means you can plug a talented, experienced worker in almost any scenario.

30 Apr 2018

IT Support in Miami sees IT Trends To Watch For 2018

2018 will be at its halfway point before you know it, but a lot of networks service in Miami and other IT companies are still living in 2017, much to their detriment. In tech more than any other industry, staying current with advances is essential to success. In order to make sure that you fall into that category, here are some ongoing trends for this year in IT that you may want to incorporate or at least account for.

Cybersecurity changes: Along with conventional IT support in Miami, many companies, especially major ones, have been investing in cybersecurity. One only needs to look at the wide amount of high-profile hacks over the last few years and what it’s done to the victim companies to see why this is a worthy investment. 2018 is the year where we’re expected to see a lot of these investments bear fruit, with cybersecurity measures becoming more fully embedded into platforms rather than being an add-on. Don’t be surprised to see more predictive and cognitive analytics to help companies get more data to enhance their security measures as well.

More hires: If you’re on the job market or looking to move up in the world, now may be the time for IT consulting in Miami. Stats show that In fact, close to half of companies (44%) expect budgets to increase while 43% anticipate no change at all. Overall, expect a 19% rise in IT budgets on average. This is good news, as it suggests that the advent of new tech means that more hands will be needed to use it. Notably, it’s mostly going to be the largest companies that are doing this, with more than 60% of companies with 500+ employees expecting to increase IT staff. 70% of large enterprises (companies over 5000 employees) report they’ll hire more IT staff in 2018 as well. If you’re curious, it looks like managed IT services are going to where the bulk of these new hires in Miami will go.

AI: Chances are that this isn’t the first time you’ve heard AI mentioned, even if you are an IT vet. The reason why it is so important now is that this is the first time that technology has gotten close enough what we need in order for AI to start delivering on the promise that it has. The major thing behind that is a surge of data and data analytics technology. We can’t use AI without data for the machines to learn from, and this is coming from both professionals and end users. The cost of computing, another roadblock, has also gone down dramatically.

Addressing legacy systems: Right now, legacy systems take up over 70 percent of available resources. Part of the issues are financial, the other is stubbornness. Even if moving to new architecture and systems is out of the question for the time being, it’s never too early to start giving some thought about how exactly you are going to switch over. The longer you wait, the more you are handicapping yourself.

26 Apr 2018

What Makes a Good IT Support in Miami

Take a moment to ask some of your friends and loved ones about what they’ve liked and hated about the jobs they have. When it comes to positives, you may hear things about the fulfilling nature of the work, the flexibility the jobs offer, and if they are lucky, great pay. But when you hear about negatives, one of the first things you hear about is the people, especially managers. A poor manager, in many cases, can make even a dream job unbearable. IT takes many different forms, from networks service to IT support in Miami. But across all these different specializations, there are a lot of common threads about what makes a successful manager.

Good Traits

One may be quick to say that one of the first things you need to do to be a good manager is to be an expert at the task itself. After all, how else would you know when things are going right? This isn’t entirely the case. Yes, good managers need to be good at their own role, but they also need to know what everyone else does in order to find ways that things can be done better and more efficiently.

IT also has particular challenges that are difficult to address, mainly related to how quickly things can change and adapting both your own management style and your team’s work style. “While there are some things one cannot change about individuals, some leadership traits can be learned. There are very few people who are natural leaders – leadership is something people have to work at. Knowing what your shortcomings are, and recognizing them as such, is half the battle,” explains Allan Boardman, international vice president of ISACA and chair of ISACA’s Credentialing and Career Management Board.

Good Habits

In many ways, you need someone to juggle knowledge of many different job duties. This can be difficult for IT consulting in Miami, as there are many different job roles that not everyone can do.

As a result, if you want to be a good IT manager, you need to not over-focus on your particular skill set, but general project management skills, with enough knowledge to know whether one of your staff members is unable to handle one of the tasks in front of them. In order to make the most of this, you also want to work on your communication skills. How can you clearly articulate a message for different type of workers? Presentation, negotiation, all of these fall under that category, and you want to be able to switch on the fly.

When deciding who’s going to run your managed IT service in Miami, all of these traits are essential parts of making sure you choose the manager most likely to guide your team to success. In addition, if you’re a job seeker looking to find new IT work, you may want to scout potential managers to see if they are exhibiting some of these “green flags” that they would be good people to work under.

17 Apr 2018

Why to Move IT consulting in Miami and your Career Towards Tech

Technology is a wide umbrella, but if you are starting a college track or find yourself at a career crossroads, it’s a pretty good idea to try and find space for yourself under that umbrella. Why is this so? Well, there’s a lot of reasons, but we’re going to focus on two: the potential and the spread of the technology field.


When it comes to meaningful work, technology is about the best option you can use. Some may find this surprising compared to more human-facing work—but everything has its place. Tech is driving innovation across tons of fields, but also provides a mental fulfillment for yourself.

At the core, tech work is about solving problems, whether it’s making something new or making something easier. Few fields can say that they are doing that the way that tech does. Even if you’re not on the bleeding edge, tech provides constant challenges and tangible achievements.


Perhaps one of the nicest things about working in a tech field is that you have more options than ever to actually put into practice what you learn and specialize in. This can extend from vocations (like IT consulting in Miami or cybersecurity for the government) to even the type of technology you work with. In addition, on a personal level, pursuing a tech career allows you support a field you are passionate about while having more job security.

Let’s talk about academia as an example. Becoming a college professor is not only becoming more difficult due to competition, it is also not as lucrative as you may believe. As far as teaching at lower levels goes, you may have more job security, but you still aren’t making much, and some people are cynical about the treatment of teachers. However, supporting education is still a noble pursuit. Why not work in technology and support schools in a different way? This could mean basic IT, , running a managed IT service in Miami or by helping manage various technology systems, such as those used for logistics or other areas.

You can apply this manner of thinking to just about any career path. As tech becomes a more ubiquitous part of our lives, it does the same for the work world. As a result, you can weasel your way into just about any field. In addition, having some tech knowledge may make you more appealing even in other career paths. Publishing is a good example here. Overall, print publishing is on a downslide due to technological competition. But what if you were able to bring a little bit of web design knowledge to help a print titan bolster their digital initiatives? This would make you far more appealing of a candidate than someone who just has print experience to offer.

Overall, many people start learning tech to some degree because they have to, as innovations become key to more and more jobs. You owe it to yourself to get ahead of the curve, and start learning and working in these areas now.

10 Apr 2018
IT Support in Miami

IT Support in Miami – Is IT For Me?

Don’t believe that tech is the land of opportunity? Try these statistics on for size. According to data for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of computer and information technology occupations is likely to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024. The number may seem modest at first, but you need to realize that this is faster than the average for all occupations.

“Tech isn’t for everyone, but tech is probably the single greatest opportunity that exists for millennials today,” says Mark Smukler, General Assembly alumni and Co-Founder of Bixby, a rental management platform. This means that even if you weren’t thinking of tech as a potential career choice, you may want to revisit that mindset, and one of the most accessible ways to get into that arena is through IT, or information technology.

The IT Landscape

For those of us who have worked in traditional office jobs most of our lives, it’s very possible that you have a bit of a narrow view of what IT can be. Those are the people you call when your office computer isn’t working, right? Not entirely. These jobs run the gamut from IT support in Miami to other similar technical staff jobs. These include companies that don’t necessarily specialize in tech, but require cutting edge technical tools and programs to function and stay competitive. Who is going to make that happen? Chances are, someone with plenty of job security and a nice salary. These positions are commonly called hybrid technical roles, that come with high salaries and the ability to work on new skill sets. For those who want to work their way up in the world, there will always be the opportunity to improve one’s self and their resume.

Speaking of salary, let’s get to brass tacks when it comes to IT and technology. The median salaries for the nine top jobs in 2016 ranked between $61,000-127,000. The biggest thing is that if you have the knowledge and skill, there is a far lower barrier to entry. To get that type of money, other fields may need higher levels of education, which come with higher student loan costs.

Ways to Get Started

Of course, if you want to enhance your IT skills in formal education, there is a chance to do so. Many graduate programs in IT specialize in areas like programming, tech support, web development, along with software engineering. In other cases, people with undergraduate degrees like math and the sciences may cross over in order to specialize a bit more.

However, the drawback to IT is that compared to other fields, there is constant change. Even for something like networks service Miami, new platforms, new programming languages and more pop up all the time. This means you don’t have the luxury of resting on your laurels. Even if you have formal education, it is important to keep focused on new developments in the field. By staying current and taking advantage of every resource you have, your resume will stay evergreen in a field that is likely to do the same.

02 Apr 2018

Adding Value To Your IT Career and IT support in Miami

If you were to sit down and compile career advice from 1000 success gurus, chances are that you would find some common threads. Chances are one of these common threads would include investing in yourself in some sort of way. There are many different ways to do so, but the details can vary from job to job, including IT, for one. IT is notable because it’s one of the fields showing the greatest amount of growth, but unlike some of the other contenders (healthcare), it’s very easy to work on your own to add value to yourself as a current and future employee. The best thing of all is these practices branch across all IT practices, from networks service in Miami to basic tech support across the country. Let’s see what you can do.

Enhance Your Knowledge

The Internet means that there are more means than ever for the average person to enhance their knowledge of just about any given subject. Technology is one of the biggest benefactors of this. Want to learn a new programming language? There are sites and apps for this. Looking to bone up on your web design? Take a course, then find a cheap or free platform to be your playground. The key here is to find good, authoritative sources to try and steer you down the right path. Following popular influencers on social media is a start, but you can still do more.

Try to join online groups where professionals in your field come together and ask questions.  Consider downloading a podcast from an IT expert and listening to it when you have some downtime. It may even be worth it to look at free course materials from universities (several offer them on their website). Remember, the aim here isn’t to try and break the mold. All you want to do is immerse yourself in relevant information so you can take a more formal leap when it makes sense.

Enhance Your Resume

Now, this begs the question, when does a more formal leap make sense? The answer to that depends, but one of the most common examples is getting a certification. Many people get their knowledge piecemeal, a class here, a job there, some hobbyist work here. Certifications are a way for employers and professionals to get a basic idea that your skill set meets some sort of universal standard. This matters at all levels, even a basic IT support in Miami job. At that point, you can combine this with your past knowledge and experience to give them a complete picture.

You don’t have to be so formal if you don’t want to, though. An equally valuable thing to try and do is create something on your own and maintain it, outside the confines of your day job. This could be a blog, an app, whatever makes sense. This gives you an opportunity to tinker creatively, but it also shows potential employers two things:

  1. You are dedicated enough to the craft of tech to work on it in your free time.
  2. You have the knowledge to create a working product without having your hand held.

Both things are of great value in a field where things are constantly changing.

28 Mar 2018

How Certifications Impact Your IT Path for managed IT service in Miami

When it comes to getting into IT, you generally have one of two paths, and neither one is wrong. Your first option is studying a formal IT degree. This opens up your career options to some extent afterward, as certain jobs require degrees in computer science or software engineering. Others choose to learn as they go, getting smaller jobs and working on their own to hone their knowledge, whether this leads to them opening their own business or working commercially for other businesses. The benefits here are more autonomy and no student loans to deal with—always nice. The thing about these is that whichever path you choose, you’re likely not alone. One of the best ways to stand apart is with certifications. Whether you want to work in managed IT service in Miami or plan on integrating tech knowledge into another field, certifications are a good way to increase potential job interest. There are more tangible benefits as well. Compare the salaries of IT professionals with those with certifications, and you’ll see having certain certifications correlates with more earning power.

The Benefit of Certifications

For many, a certification fills the same void as a computer science degree would. Basically, for any IT position, you need knowledge of certain things, and having the necessary credentials is a base guarantee to an employer that you have that necessary knowledge. In addition, going through the study and certification process may serve as a solid way to help you bone up on base concepts that you will need going into the future. On the other side of the coin, if you want to specialize more, these can help you in that area as well. There is no such thing as a bad certification—what you want is one that will be worth your time and help your career goals in a meaningful way.

What Certifications Are Useful Now

So, what certifications should you be looking at? There are many out there, but here are some of the most common that people undertake every year to improve their resumes and themselves.

CompTIA A+ Technician: This of this as a sort of starter-level certification, a beginning point for your IT career. A certified A+ technician is qualified to handle PCs, printers, laptops, mobile devices, and operating systems. Chances are that if you work in an office somewhere, your IT person has this certification or something similar. To qualify, you need to pass a multiple-choice and performance-based exam.

Network +: This is designed specifically for managing wireless networks.  Many help desk technicians or IT specialists have this certification. One has to pass an exam on wired/wireless devices and technology.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): This particular certification is recognized worldwide as showcasing the competence to handle security for an organization. You need to showcase the technical and managerial skills to handle security programs.

This is only scratching the surface. Look at the websites of industry professionals and organizations to see what current certifications are out there. As tech and trend changes, some become obsolete, so you want to make sure you are investing your time wisely.