Today we get a phone call reporting error codes on a computer.

All computers in your work workplace have an important task to do but this one specifically has an even more important task for this account of ours. This computer is used to take X-rays. Without the computer there is no way to get these X-rays done for their patients. Low on resources, we still have to give it a try to find out what we can do to repair it. The simple fact that these computers even give off error codes is amazing. Any information given to the troubleshooter is helpful. Once we looked up what these error codes were, it was simply a matter of time before we figured it out. The error pointed us to troubleshoot the memory. When we looked into the memory, we noticed that there was a difference in the memory modules installed. We keep the memory modules that contained the most amount and removed the rest. Once we reconnected it, the computer powered on without any problems and we can get some X-rays done now, finally.

Some computers don’t even show error codes and make the troubleshooting even harder. Thankfully, DELL included that in their design and the troubleshooting was easy, this time.