Fresh Install

Nothing beats new, right? When things are brand new, they work really well. Here we have a customer’s computer getting a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro complimented by a solid state drive (SSD) which really improves the performance of your computer! Every computer should have solid state drives. If you ever noticed that your computer is not performing like it used to, it is probably because of your standard hard disk drive (HDD). Those drives eventually wear out and you will notice a lag on the computer. Computer lag is so annoying. You’re trying to work and your computer simply won’t let you. You’re frustrated but you have all of your important data in this computer so you do not want to get a new one? With iTMIAMI.COM, you can have all of that data transferred over easily. Transfer the date over to a new computer or you can upgrade your drive to a high performance drive (SSD) as previously mentioned and get back to work as if your computer was new. This service is included in our IT Support Service Agreement. Don’t let your computers slow you down. Get the upgrades and increase your productivity today!