IT Support in Miami

IT Support in Miami – Is IT For Me?

Don’t believe that tech is the land of opportunity? Try these statistics on for size. According to data for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of computer and information technology occupations is likely to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024. The number may seem modest at first, but you need to realize that this is faster than the average for all occupations.

“Tech isn’t for everyone, but tech is probably the single greatest opportunity that exists for millennials today,” says Mark Smukler, General Assembly alumni and Co-Founder of Bixby, a rental management platform. This means that even if you weren’t thinking of tech as a potential career choice, you may want to revisit that mindset, and one of the most accessible ways to get into that arena is through IT, or information technology.

The IT Landscape

For those of us who have worked in traditional office jobs most of our lives, it’s very possible that you have a bit of a narrow view of what IT can be. Those are the people you call when your office computer isn’t working, right? Not entirely. These jobs run the gamut from IT support in Miami to other similar technical staff jobs. These include companies that don’t necessarily specialize in tech, but require cutting edge technical tools and programs to function and stay competitive. Who is going to make that happen? Chances are, someone with plenty of job security and a nice salary. These positions are commonly called hybrid technical roles, that come with high salaries and the ability to work on new skill sets. For those who want to work their way up in the world, there will always be the opportunity to improve one’s self and their resume.

Speaking of salary, let’s get to brass tacks when it comes to IT and technology. The median salaries for the nine top jobs in 2016 ranked between $61,000-127,000. The biggest thing is that if you have the knowledge and skill, there is a far lower barrier to entry. To get that type of money, other fields may need higher levels of education, which come with higher student loan costs.

Ways to Get Started

Of course, if you want to enhance your IT skills in formal education, there is a chance to do so. Many graduate programs in IT specialize in areas like programming, tech support, web development, along with software engineering. In other cases, people with undergraduate degrees like math and the sciences may cross over in order to specialize a bit more.

However, the drawback to IT is that compared to other fields, there is constant change. Even for something like networks service Miami, new platforms, new programming languages and more pop up all the time. This means you don’t have the luxury of resting on your laurels. Even if you have formal education, it is important to keep focused on new developments in the field. By staying current and taking advantage of every resource you have, your resume will stay evergreen in a field that is likely to do the same.