iTNETWORX IT Services and solutions for business technology

Our company believes in continuous support, preventative maintenance, and business continuity. Your business depends on technology and we believe our IT Support Services is the best, most proactive approach to maintaining the integrity of your computing environment.

Confidence comes from knowing who is handling your business’ technology needs.

Are you on first-name basis with your IT Service Provider?.

How Our IT Services Works:

We listen to your needs and create custom IT Support packages based on your business’ needs. We build computing environments built upon your specific business and often streamline processes while creating effective IT Solutions for your business.

From Desktop Support, to Network Design, to Computer Security and Disaster Prevention, ITNETWORX Corporation is committed to designing an efficient and effective technology solution that capitalizes on productivity. Plus, our contracts include both remote and on-call IT support—we take a hands-on, personable approach to your business. After all, our success comes from your success.

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Desktop Support – It’s frustrating when you are than fighting with your computers, especially during a busy day at work.
From email configurations, to printer setups, to Wi-Fi connections and everything in between, our Desktop Support will manage your computer and streamline it based upon an individual’s daily activities, allowing each of your employees the opportunity to focus on what matters—their work.
We get technology working for you, which means more effective technology solutions, more productive employees, and more growth for your business.
Network Design – Just like your employees work as a team, so should your technology. Our Network Design insures that all of your business’ equipment and technology is configured in the best possible way, and tailored to your business’ needs.
We optimize Internet connections (for both speed and usability), setup and breakdown offices, maintain equipment, and keep all computers fully functional and online.
Computer Security – In the world of cyber hackers, computer security is a priority for Business IT Services. Our remotely managed antivirus solution, coupled with our secure service provider, and additional vigilance by our team of professionals means that your business is secure and protected—no need to worry.
Disaster Prevention -Every business needs a backup plan, and our Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Plan are metaphorical fire escapes for your business.
We protect your data with regular nightly backups, as well as offsite backups.
If your business does not have a Disaster Prevention plan, please contact us immediately—your business is at risk.