What to Do About Ransomware IT support in Miami

There has been a real uptick in the amount of ransomware going around the internet these days. In 2016, the FBI reported that ransomware amounted to a $1-billion source of revenue for those criminally minded people who produce it. What is ransomware, your mind wander? Ransomware is any sort of software downloaded to your network that blocks access to files or information on the network until a sum of money is paid. It is essentially digital extortion.
The threat of ransomware affects every company or site that regularly engages with, with companies that store critical data online at particular risk. This makes sense, given the criminals will go after the companies or organizations with the most volume of critical data available. However, any business operating in the digital space needs to be wary of ransomware as a daily threat because if they simply go along with conventional malware protection software it might not be enough.
Managed IT service Miami companies have devoted immense time and money to building security software to prevent ransomware from infiltrating networks. Here are two advisable methods that all managed service providers should incorporate into their work for all clients:
  1. Utilize Multi-Layered Endpoint Security
The most effective way to prevent infection is by keeping everything out in the first place. While it might sound easy, it really is nothing of the sort. The most effective way to keep software criminals out is by focusing on the end-point security components of your site management, specifically phishing. Phishing is when a suspicious email – that looks like a professional company email – is sent to another company asking for information about passwords and other private information. The cycle with phishing is usually before two days are up, so you really can’t let anything linger in the web browser by relying on a blacklist.
  1. Backup Disaster Recovery
Sometimes security is compromised. If your defenses have been breached, the best thing to do is have a fully fleshed out plan B. This should include a cloud-based backup recovery system for all the customer’s encrypted data. The best way to do so is to run a backup on the files from a day preceding the ransomware attack. A cloud-based application will make this possible at all times so that you are not limited to a single system and can set up data retrieval to run continuously. This eliminates the risk of lost or stolen data and allows the IT support team to focus more on potential incoming threats.
These are the two most important backend security measures that should be employed by an IT support in Miami company in 2018. Without the vigilant attention to all manner of communication going on between your collection of networks and others, it is only a matter of time before ransomware will hit. When it does, you need to be prepared for it by having the most effective IT solutions running on your networks.
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