Windows 7 Pro

Today we get a call from one of our accounts on a maintenance contract, complaining that a computer was not starting up. The user is a remote user and she asked her coworkers to check on the computer for her. They were equally stumped when they saw a black screen with white letters. Any user sees anything that they are either not expecting or don’t recognize and they start to troubleshoot but this time it was beyond their knowledge and had to call in the IT Support team at iTNETWORX. 

This case was one of a few lucky cases for us. The symptoms are bad but the fix was easy and painless. 

The symptoms were described as:

  1. The computer is broken
  2. The computer has a black screen
  3. The computer won’t start
  4. The computer doesn’t work. 

To any IT Manager, those words make them pull their hair out and we almost did that until they sent us a photo of what their screen said. They were panicked but we were relieved because that error showed that the computer still has life and all we need is a quick startup repair and it may fix the problem. 

Thankfully, iTNETWORX arrives prepared for battle. With a Windows 7 x64 Repair Disk in hand, we were able to solve the problem in record time. We expected the worst but any troubleshooter knows to try the simple things first. In a few minutes, the problem was solved and the computer started up quickly. The user was advised and she was able to log in and get her work done. 

Very few times do we get this lucky. Many times we hear those same symptoms and we later find out that we truly do have a dead computer in our hands and we then have to scramble for a new one but not this time. 

iTNETWORX saved the day and on to the next service call in the area.